TagCentric is software written for the purpose of controlling RFID devices and gathering RFID-related data in a facility. It allows the user to seamlessly interact with multiple brands of RFID readers, and to collect data into a user-specified database. TagCentric also allows the user to print and encode RFID tags, through the use of a Zebra printer. While TagCentric may not have all of the "bells and whistles" of some of the commercially available RFID middleware solutions, it's cost (free!) and simplified user interface make it ideal for use by small businesses, RFID testing facilities and universities.

The general goal of this software effort is to provide a simple, open-source application capable of integrating RFID readers, RFID tag printers, and a database of the user's choosing. In the never-ending battle between simplicity and complexity, we generally err on the side of simplicity. Simple software is easier to manage, and simple user interfaces are easier for users to grasp.


TagCentric is a collection of Java classes that wrap RFID related devices (such as readers and printers) and allow users to control them via XML messages. It is an application written on top of the Ubiquity architecture, which is an open-source framework that provides system-level support for the rapid construction of software agents. It provides basic services such as network support, XML translation for agent communication, agent discovery, and GUI support. Most of the classes in TagCentric extend a Ubiquity class. For example, the ReaderAgent class extends Ubiquity's Agent class. All messages passed between agents extend the Message and MessageBody classes. For more information please see the documentation section of our sourceforge page.


TagCentric is currently being used by the University of Arkansas RFID Research Center – an EPC Global accredited RFID testing and training facility – to manage RFID readers. The research center provides businesses with information about RFID technology. One of their most important services is to test RFID readers and tags on pallets of merchandise in order to discover the best tag and placement location on the pallet. TagCentric serves as one tool that the lab uses in this process.